Humfrey – a true champion

I have had a lot of comment about Humfrey. While I am sure that ‘Humps’ would not mind to be seen only in the light of the picture that I displayed of him in my last posting ‘what if it defeats you’, I thought that I owe it to him to give you a more holistic perspective of him.

Humfrey is a champion. In a recent leadership workshop, I was discussing living life in a conscious way according to the 4 P’s. In brief, the 4 P’s stand for Presence (nowness), Participation (connection), Purpose (intention), Playfulness (joy). In elite sport, I believe that the 4 P’s feed into each other to produce successful PERFORMANCE (which can be thought of as being the 5th P).

Humfrey - Living the 4 P's
Humfrey – Living the 4 P’s

Humfrey is a symbol of living the 4 P’s. He participates in a playful way in everything he does. He has remarkable presence. He radiates confident energy. When I take him for a walk, he is very purposeful and focused. He lives (and loves) the walk fully, totally wrapped up in the process. On returning from the walk, he rushes to the pool to cool down.

Cooling down and resting in the pool
Cooling down and resting in the pool

There is another side to ‘Humps’. He is a clown. He loves life and he certainly enjoys entertaining me and my wife. His most enjoyable past time is to find his own chair, to join in on our conversation.

Sneaking onto the chair
Sneaking onto the chair
Joining in on the celebration
Caught in the act and feeling embarassed
Caught in the act and feeling embarrassed

I hope that I have helped expand your perception of Humfrey. I didn’t think it would be fair on him if you only had had that one image of him soaking up the sun on Spring day.


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