Sex: Enhancing Indian cricket performance?

According to a report, the Indian cricket team were handed a document in their pre-tournament preparation for the ICC tournament that encourages players to have sex (with or without a partner), as a way to enhance their performance. Apparently the secret document was leaked to the press and because of the content about sex and performance it has raised a few eyebrows.

One should never take a document out of the interpersonal context in which it has meaning. Further, one should be careful of judging the management if their sole intention was to help the players become more aware of themselves and understand the energy of sex.

Interpretations and understandings around the sex and performance relationship are pretty murky, with a lot of misinformation floating around, especially with young elite athletes. So one needs to be careful and cautious in how this information gets interpreted and then used.

Sexual activity is complex with many variables such as duration, frequency, when, where, with whom, etc. that need to be considered. Further, sex is not only a mechanical, physical act but should also be understood in terms of the energetic, emotional and spiritual (intimacy) dimensions as well.

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From the taoist perspective, male and female sexuality differ on one fundamental level: the need to consider the energetic effects of the male ejaculation.

According to the taoist concepts of energy flow, when the male ejaculates, he loses energy and ‘vital essence’. After ejaculation, the male tends to feel more relaxed, but there can be feelings of lethargy with lowered energy.

For male athletes, ejaculation may help to relax you. Yet too much sex (whatever this may mean) will actually sap the internal energy over time. Female orgasm does not have the same draining physiological effects as that of the male ejaculation. So for female athletes, the possible dangers of lowered athletic performance due to too much sex does not actually exist.

For total energetic harmony in the sexual union between male and female energies, taoists contend that the male needs to control ejaculation. This is embedded in a loving and spiritual context. Therefore, a male athlete can engage in sexual activity yet control ejaculation which then conserves and builds up internal energy. This provides extra energy for the athlete to tap into during sporting performance. However, it takes exceptional mental and physiological control to postpone ejaculation. Moreover, it takes much practice to achieve this. And usually, this can only occur in a stable and settled intimate relationship. For young men, ejaculation control is very difficult or near impossible to achieve.

The sexual act is a complex process, and the relationship between sex and sporting performance is not so easily defined. Since sex can be used as a way to relax and lower tensions before competition, be mindful that ‘once the horse bolts’ the ‘game’ is over. If you are male and involved in highly interactive, physically demanding sports such as football, rugby, endurance sports be careful with too much sex (which involves ejaculation) as a way to relieve tension since you may find that on match day when you need to call on all of your energetic reserves, you may find yourself wanting at the most critical time of intense competition.

An athlete should never engage in sex in a promiscuous manner. An athlete’s attitude to sex should be considered in a holistic way, where sexual activity has a natural place in the greater scheme of an athlete’s life. Sexual activity should be embedded in a trusting relationship. Deliberately trying to use sex as a means to improve performance may debase the sexual act and reduce it to nothing more than a mechanical event that can leave one feeling emotionally empty. This in turn may adversely affect performance.


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