Moving into 2011 as the new order gathers momentum

There is a lot of chaotic energy moving around. Chaos and crisis are nature’s ways to ‘break up’ old structures. Financial crises, widespread protests and wars are all part of the chaos. Even the severe weather patterns seem to be playing their part in the turbulence. And of course there is the unfolding drama around Wikileaks and the impact that disclosures posted on the Web can have on governments and institutions that have operated unethically and/or unlawfully in a veil of secrecy.

Quito apartments, Angola by Giaco Angelini

At present, we are in a transitional phase of a major macro shift in consciousness and in the way we relate to each other. As with all transitions, it is an unsettling period. We are living right in the middle of a systemic shift (much the same as  the effects of an earthquake). This shift is being caused by many of us taking a closer look at how governments, religious and financial institutions are conducting themselves.

There is a tendency in systems to behave as if no individual is responsible for making any decision. A system presents a ‘front’ to anyone that stands outside of it and fights to protect its existence. Systems are man made and in their infancy usually behave ethically and co-operatively with those it interacts with. But as systems develop over time and get established  and embedded in society they seem to decouple from the realisation and understanding that they were a man made creation. Many systems are archaic, as well as being arrogant. They usually stop being relevant in today’s world yet still behave as if they have all the answers.

A new order is busy trying to unfold. Fundamentally a new order of transparency, ethics and accountability in relationships (on personal, financial, institutional and governmental levels) is being called for.

A new moon offers so much light

As we move into the new year, I believe that we can assist the collective evolution of ethics by becoming more mindful in how we are conducting ourselves in our relationship and dealings with others. More specifically, I believe that the following structure around ETHICS can help guide us in these unpredictable times:

E: Enjoy what you are doing; this brings light, joy and love into the process.

T: Be tenacious and courageous in protecting our environment, children and those less fortunate from any form of abuse.

H: In difficult situations, listen to your heart; it offers you a deep universal wisdom that never wants to hurt others.

I: Be independent and take on the responsibility to care for yourself both physically and emotionally.

C: Work co-operatively with others to find creative solutions to complex problems being encountered.

S: Serve your highest vision of who you are by offering your unique talents, knowledge and experience to others so that everyone can benefit from your insights and wisdom.

4 thoughts on “Moving into 2011 as the new order gathers momentum

  1. Giaco Angelini

    Hi Ken, love this piece, it’s so relevant, it feels like it was specially written for me.
    Thanks you for your wisdom, vision and your love. Giaco

  2. Ryan Smit

    A very good piece! I just fear that the breaking down of these systems will cause such disruption that many will react fearfully and overreact in some cases. Let’s hope that people will behave the way you have described.

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