Your inner voice

All thoughts have the potential to become realities. However, a reality will only be created if you act on the thought.

There are many thoughts that get activated by an inner voice. It is said that the source of this inner voice lies somewhere deep in the heart. In the initial stage, this voice may be so soft and gentle that it is only heard if you keep still and remain silent. As time goes on it may grow louder.

The time between ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ varies from person to person and depends on the complexity of the idea and the circumstances that you may find yourself in. Sometimes, you can sit with an idea for years without responding to it. The thought may gather more and more momentum and strength before a point is reached and you are ‘forced’ to act on it by an internal energy.

However, there is also the possibility that the inner voice may retract and ‘lose heart’, never attempting to engage you again if you continue to ignore it or deny its existence.

Listening to your inner voice and acting on it may activate drastic changes in your life. This realisation may scare you. I remember the anxiety that I went through before my 6 month sabbatical became a reality in 2003. The thought of going on a sabbatical had been with me for two years. I had the need to emotionally rejuvenate and develop new insights into my work. I was also thinking of writing a book during this period. But taking the sabbatical would mean me having to close my practice, with no financial income, and the fear of not being able to establish myself again on my return was an obstacle that I was struggling with. Despite this, my inner voice grew louder and louder. I can still recall the conversations that I had with a close friend regarding my dilemma and panic. He listened to my fears and reassured me that sometimes you need to just trust life’s wisdom which is usually conveyed to you via the thoughts that emanate from the inner voice.

I went for a 9 Km run this morning. The last time that I had run this particular route was just over a year ago.

Running along the James river in Richmond

Acting on the spur of the moment, without too much contemplation, is a liberating feeling.

A week ago, I woke up with a strong feeling of wanting to visit my son in Richmond, Virginia. I ran the idea past my wife, and then called my son to discuss the possibility of visiting him. Initially, he was taken aback by the idea and thought that I was teasing him. But once he realised that I was serious, he thought that I had ‘lost it’ because of my impulsiveness. Overseas travel is usually carefully planned many months in advance.

Now in Richmond, I can look forward to many more runs along the James river. Of course, there will also be the joy of spending time with my son who I last saw a year or so ago.

Happy Easter

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