Love bird fish eagles

In the bush you can be a witness to many wonderful moments that nature ‘decides’ to share with you. However, you may need to be in the right place and at the right time to be part of the unfolding process. Some call this luck; since you generally do not have to wait patiently for nature to reveal itself. During a recent visit to the Kruger National Park I was given the gift of being part of a special moment when two fish eagles were mating. It all happened so quickly.

While it is said that every picture can tell a story; a series of pictures helps to enhance and enrich the narrative.








The over-riding feeling of being in awe enters one’s being after you have witnessed something special in nature. There is also a need to share the event with others; to talk about it; to re-live the moment over and over again. But words are generally unable to fully describe the experience and/or do justice to the unfolding process. I was thankful that I was able to photograph the two love birds and I am happy to be able to share this with you.

3 thoughts on “Love bird fish eagles

  1. Michael Galbraith

    Awesome Ken and thank you so much for sharing your special experience with us Regards Michael and Slade

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  2. Lutz Otto

    Ken I love your photographs … an incredible sighting, wonderful gift and special privilege that can probably only be experienced by being out there [and even then this is a once in a lifetime thing]!

    You are so right with right place and time … and I would add to 2 more things to the mix [1] you have to be disciplined enough to prioritise the times to make these getaways possible and [2] that when you are out there your “eyes need to present and not only open”. It is far too easy to blunder through life missing the beauty which surrounds us whilst caught up in the momentum of “stuff” …

  3. Dear Lutz and Michael

    Thank you for your comments. ‘Your eyes need to be present and not only open’ highlights the attitude that one needs to have when you are in the bush. Everything in nature unfolds in the present moment – so being open to this unfolding with a beginner’s mind that has no anticipations or expectations helps you to get connected to the flow of nature. Anticipations and expectations can ‘blind’ you in the bush.

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