Battle for food

I was out walking the streets of Richmond in Virginia looking for urban art to photograph. Out of nowhere, a raptor (which I later identified as a red-tailed hawk), with prey in its talons settled on the top of a street pole right in front of me. I couldn’t believe my eyes (and luck) as I witnessed this sighting. This was such an unusual sight in the middle of an urban context of a city, where wild life seldom ventures.



I only had my 50mm lens on my camera and couldn’t get closer to the action. While this lens was perfect for the intended use of street art, I hankered after my telescopic lens while snapping away at the raptor as it was eating the squirrel it had caught.

And then…the attack.



The hawk enjoying its meal spread its wings over the prey as its competitor descended. A brief scuffle ensued, with the intruder being driven off. The hungry hawk found its own perch as it re-assessed its next move.


The attack came again…




And off they flew over the high rise buildings; the ‘have’ fleeing the ‘have not’.

While not so openly evident, the tense dynamic between ‘those that have’ and those that are in desperate need, also exists with humans. In the USA, for example, statistics show that the few rich are getting richer, while the many poor are getting poorer. And of concern is that the gap is widening as time unfolds.

As I gathered myself, I re-focused on my original task…looking for urban art.



4 thoughts on “Battle for food

  1. Esther Campbell

    Hi Ken,
    You have become a very talented stills photog ! I will have to represent you.
    I am really well and fully recovered in mind and body. I am fully immersed in the joy of being.
    I rep a very talented bunch of photogs
    and am enjoying this still art form.
    Check out my newest at Maguerite Oelofse.
    I am doing inspirational talks and am finding it very rewarding. The gist of my talks are ” embracing change, overcoming ‘obstacles’ and ” you do not have to reach the top ‘summit’ every mountain”. Lessons I still need to learn!
    Please give my love to the whole family and I hope you have a wonderous festive season.
    Lots of love

  2. Nic Pothas

    Hey boss, been too long but brilliant and thought provoking as always. With the passing of Madiba and the request in Australia to impose sanctions on SA again, it may be time again for the have nots to flee the haves? Would be really interested to hear your thoughts on what has happened in the ashes. Tough, I know, when you’re not in that changeroom

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