On the balcony – Introduction

I have decided to embark on a photographic journey.

The project will be called ‘on the balcony’. My task will be to take one photograph from my apartment balcony, every day between 18h00 and 19h00 for 30 consecutive days.

Being ‘on the balcony’ will mean that I will be in the same place and at the same time everyday to look out and to see what I see. This will challenge me to look out into the world through the lens of diversity and expansion.

While I do not know what is going to emerge in the creative process, I am keen to see what visual possibilities become a reality over the 30 day period. I believe that each day will present its own image to me. I just need to be open to what is  going to be presented. Zen philosophy talks about the beginners mind as being open to all the possibilities that are in front of you. I know that this is easier said than done, since we become accustomed (and rigid) in how we view (and think about) our world around us. The project is going to challenge my usual perspective and require that I look out into the visual space in a different way each day. I am excited at this prospect.

I am also hoping that each photograph will sensitize me to a simple, yet meaningful life lesson. But I am not too sure if this will occur. So I will see what unfolds on this level.

I will present the photographs in five weekly posts of 6 photographs. I intend to follow up the photographs with a concluding post, trying to capture what I experienced and learned in the process.

I do not have any particular view about how this project will unfold. There is actually nothing hinging on it. Unlike a school project, there will be no grades of pass or fail. I am thankful for that. I will trust the process and try as best as I can to be open to all that is in front of me.

Let’s see what happens. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

The balcony
The balcony


3 thoughts on “On the balcony – Introduction

  1. Ken, it will be interesting to receive feedback as to how your same “view”experience will encourage others, like myself to look beyond the obvious and to encourage us to see other opportunities in the “same thing”, what ever that may me be. Thank you for embarking on this project as it is an inspiration and a view on life changer.

    1. The exciting part of the project is that I cannot anticipate and/or plan where my eyes will be focusing in order to take the photograph. Our visual field is full of stimuli (that have a magnetic like quality) that will be vying for my attention. However, I have heard that the photograph ‘flirts’ with the photographer before the stutter button is pressed. I just need to be open to what is ‘pulling’ me.

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