On the balcony – Part 2

22 November 2014


Light and dark reflect the duality of life

19h00 was fast approaching and I still did not have a suitable photograph. It was getting darker and darker. Standing near the door I looked along the window into the darkness. Light was streaming out of the window.

23 November 2014


You need to travel in order to arrive

This photograph has a powerful metaphoric message for me. In order to arrive at any destination, you need to travel. Change requires travel as you move from one perspective to another. Travel equates to process, and life is full of unfolding processes.

24 November 2014


The turbulence of change

As I stood on the balcony a powerful storm was brewing. Dark ominous clouds, driven by strong winds were rolling across the sky. The turbulent energy was imposing itself onto the environment. The power of the storm triggered a physiologically unease in me, as well as, a feeling of insignificance. On a logical, analytical level, however, I knew that no rain would be possible if it were not for the gift of that storm.

25 November 2014


A surprise

Life has a wonderful capacity to surprise us.

As I went onto the balcony I had absolutely no idea about what I wanted to photograph. My wife joined me on the balcony with a lovely cup of tea. As we chatted, she looked out into the distance and remarked that there was a strange object high in the sky. As it drew nearer, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I recognised what it was.

26 November 2014


The beauty of ever-changing complexity

Out in the distance, the evening sun was falling on beautiful clouds. Clouds are ever-changing. They never remain in the same form or shape as time unfolds. I used my telescopic lens and noticed the detail and complexity of the clouds that was not evident to the naked eye. The beauty that I saw at that very moment in time could never be replicated.

27 November 2014


Break down the mental barriers

High walls, barbed-wire and electric fences are common place in South Africa. This harsh visual reality reflects a deeper global issue, given all of the wars that are being fought at this moment in time (and throughout history). There is an increasing level of tension between those ‘who have’ and those ‘who do not have’. This is probably the fundamental reason for crime, violence and war.

This photograph reflects our disconnection, fearfulness and the harsh world we live in. It signifies man-made boundaries, clearly defines territories and the fragmentation of our world into ‘them against us’. High walls are a reflection of the ongoing circular spiral of ‘attack and defend’.

We also have built barriers in our minds. On a relationship level, we need to challenge the assumptions and prejudices we have of those who may be different from us. The photograph reminds us of the need to build a bridge, as opposed, to a wall with barbed-wire and electric fencing.


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