On the balcony – Part 3

28 November 2014


Respond immediately to crisis

I did not take a photograph today. I had to deal with a crisis and take Humfrey, my bull terrier, to the veterinarian. Dealing with the crisis took precedence over my project, resulting in me not being able to be on the balcony during the allocated time period.

Dealing with this crisis was the opposite experience that I had a couple of days ago when I was surprised by the balloons flying in the sky. Surprises/miracles and crises/accidents are opposite sides of the same coin. They arise from the random, unpredictable nature of life.

29 November 2014



I felt unsettled and despondent today. I was searching for a meaningful photograph and nothing was emerging. Time was moving on and there was about 10 minutes left to get a photograph.

We have a red, glass table on the balcony. I don’t know how it happened, but as I looked ‘into’ the glass table top, I saw the reflection of the moon. I felt a jolt and immediately knew that I had seen my photograph. The photograph has a simple, yet surreal feel.

Taking time to reflect on our actions or on experiences that have had an impact on us, help us to gain deeper insights and understanding of ourselves. As part of my clinical work, I often ask my clients to take a moment ‘out of the conversation’ and keep silent and to reflect on some of their thoughts and feelings that are unfolding within them at that given moment in time during the consultation.

30 November 2014


The qualities of water

We had a downpour around 17h00 today. When I walked onto the balcony, I noticed the droplets of water still hanging from the leaves of our plant. As I focused on one of the droplets I could see the reflection of the building and the setting sun within the droplet.

Water is precious. It supports life as we know it.

Water is soft, gentle, flexible and flows. Despite its yielding nature, you should not discount the power of water. It has the ability to overcome hardness and rigidity over time.

The qualities of water, when experienced in a relationship, are likened to love – soft, gentle, yielding and flow.

1 December 2014



The photograph activated two predominant thoughts.

Firstly, we need to fly into the possibilities that exist in our lives. In order to do this, we need to remove the mental restrictions we may have placed on ourselves.

Secondly, the eyes of a fly are very large in comparison to its body. Being a ‘fly on the wall’ suggests that we need to be more receptive and open to what is unfolding around us. We need to listen and watch more, so that meaningful learning can occur.

2 December 2014


Memory and transience

The camera was set for a long exposure and I walked into the frame very slowly.

The photograph reminds me of the transient nature of life. Nothing lasts forever. However, we carry with us the memories of our experiences.

3 December 2014


Clear focused intention

As I walked onto the balcony today, I was immediately captivated by the moon and I knew exactly what photograph I would like to take. I focused on the moon and just had to wait patiently. About ten minutes passed and then two rose-ringed parakeets flew up towards the moon. This was exactly what I had been waiting for.

Setting a clear intention is linked to the idea of ‘ask and you will receive’. This reflects a sense of knowing that the reality that you have visualised, will manifest itself. But you have to be ready to embrace the unfolding moment.

A Tribute to Humfrey

‘You turned heads where ever you went. You were a true champion. We will miss your uninhibited energy and love for life. Thank you for all of the joy you brought to us. We love you’.


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