A holiday project: 7 parts of a bigger, holistic picture

Riva Ligure
Riva Ligure, Italy

While on a week’s holiday in Italy, I decided to undertake a photographic project, with some clearly defined criteria to which I had to adhere.

  1. I had to take a photograph a day (in total, 7 photographs).
  2. All the photographs had to be taken with the same wide angle lens (17-40mm).
  3. All photographs had to have a person or more in it, but should not reveal anyone’s identity.
  4. The wide angle lens would reveal a broad or wide context in which the person(s) is situated, to provide the viewer with more visual information to appreciate the environmental beauty that envelops human beings.
  5. The photograph had to reflect a story of human activity or experience.
  6. Each photograph had to provide a part to a broader holistic story of how to live a more fulfilling, effective life.
Beautiful architecture
Beautiful architecture

I will post a photograph every second day and will do a concluding post after the 7 photographs. As in all creative adventures, I have no idea of exactly what will emerge.

Into the night
Into the night



One thought on “A holiday project: 7 parts of a bigger, holistic picture

  1. Heimar Schrter

    hi ken,

    it reads very much like conceptial art. looking very much forward to see the results in the comings days.


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