Time and change in a field of sunflowers

Six weeks ago I stopped next to a field of beautiful sunflowers. It was early morning. There was not a cloud in the sky. The flowers seemed to be worshiping the sun as they orientated themselves to the light and warmth. They appeared to be celebrating the start of a new day. Their body language reflected an abundance of optimism as they smiled joyfully.

As I looked at the sunflowers, no flower was the same. As in a sporting team, they conformed in dress, yet each reflected a uniqueness.

The new
Early morning

Metaphorically, opportunities and potentialities in life are associated with a new day as the sun first appears at dawn. As with a new born baby, there is much hope associated with the new emerging energy.

It was late afternoon, on a cloudy day when I stopped next to the same field of sunflowers. Six weeks had passed since my first walk in the field. How different they now were. They seemed to be weeping, heads drooped. Their youthful state had passed. They were now ready to have their seeds harvested.

The old
Six weeks later – late afternoon

As with all healthy processes, an end invites a new beginning.

This is the nature of life, never-ending cycles moving in time. However, despite the changing phases, there is a constant in the evolutionary process – healthy systems sustain and perpetuate themselves over time.

As a day or a month or year unfolds, there is a beginning and an end. But beginnings and ends are convenient punctuations that are intellectually defined to break the never-ending flow of time.

Due to the relativity of time, one does not always notice change. It is only when you ‘freeze frame’ a specific moment in time and compare it to another, that change is highlighted.


One thought on “Time and change in a field of sunflowers

  1. Matthew Nell

    Hi Ken,

    Really enjoyed both the pictures and the thoughts attached.

    I’m training quite hard. We go on our off road tour on the 19th September. It will be slower and shorter than usual as both Taffy and john are in recovery mode. Jill and Sarah have decided not to come as they did not want to stress Sarah’s immune system while she is still in intensive cancer therapy.

    Once more you will be missed.

    Hope you are having a great time. Love to Del

    Kind Regards,
    Matthew Nell
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    West Wing, Cnr Walters Street, Rosebank
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