Shine your light in winter

Growth is not possible during a severe winter. The predominant concern for all living things during this period is one of survival.

Metaphorically, I feel that we are in a global spiritual winter at the moment. This feeling is exacerbated by the way many political leaders are conducting themselves at present. Ethics have given way to lies, corruption and manipulation. In the process, trust no longer exists and hope fades quickly as the harshness of the winter reality hits everyone. Darkness descends, and the possibility of sustainable growth wanes as the system struggles to sustain the values of honesty, courage and compassion. There are many weak enablers that add to (and benefit from) the wintery conditions; running and hiding for shelter while looking after their own comforts.

Over the weekend, I was outdoors taking photographs of the snow, wintery landscape. In late afternoon, I walked passed a small field of dead sunflowers as the sun was trying to break through the dense cloud cover. As the rays gained strength and penetrated the cover ever so slightly, I felt light and joyful.

As I looked at the sunflowers, I knew that each one of them contained the seeds of new life. The potential energy of growth existed in the seeds that lay dormant during winter. Nature is self-generating and in times of winter, it is not necessary to lose hope in a future that is still to unfold.

As the sun broke through, I was reminded of how light changes one’s perspective. During cold wintery days, everyone hankers after light. Feeling the warmth of the sun, just for a couple of minutes, helps to lift the spirit.


When reflections in the water are added to light, the snowscape is enhanced dramatically.

Walking in the wintery landscape in Germany over this weekend helped remind me of the power of light and reflection when interacting with others and dealing with challenging situations.

Shining one’s light in wintery conditions lifts spirits. Being emotionally light, honest, compassionate and courageous in one’s relationships brings warmth and hope to others.

Part 3: Love


An old couple passed by. He was in a wheel chair and she had her hand on his back, gently guiding his movement. I noticed a moment when their eyes met; hers with care and compassion, his with appreciation.

So much is conveyed through the eyes, without a word having to be spoken. The eyes have direct access to the heart, so what the heart feels, the eyes will convey.

While I did not know anything about the couple, their ease in interaction suggested that they had been together for a long time. They probably had many stories to share about the ups and downs of married life. As I looked at them leaving the little town square, I wondered about his disability and the impact that this may have had on their relationship.

Unpredictable, drastic change in a person’s life confronts one with the fragility of life. When such change occurs, immediate adaptation and adjustment to the new circumstances is required. This is not an easy process to deal with, especially if one has grown used to certain comforts and routines.

In the square, preparations were underway for a music event. Blue chairs had been set up for the occasion. Music has the power to stir one’s emotions; especially when it comes to songs about love.

While the nature of love is gentle and yielding, it is the most powerful energy that is experienced by humans. Love can overcome any obstacle. The old couple showed a wonderful example of this. Her compassion and his appreciation that I had noticed in the way that they had looked at each other, were the interconnected by-products of the energy of love.